People just like you put their trust in Attorney James N. Wittorff:

When we met Attorney Wittorff, my husband was being blamed by the insurance company for the auto accident that we had. Attorney Wittorff was able to prove otherwise and get us a settlement much higher than we ever expected. We can't thank him enough for his hard work.
P.L. / Bellingham, MA

I was hurt on the job while working in the Milford, MA area temporarily. A friend recommended I speak to Attorney Wittorff about my worker's comp case. In the end, once I told him the whole story, he said that I should also be looking at medical malpractice for the surgery was done wrong after my injury. He helped me win both cases.
D.W. / Toledo, Ohio

For years I was the victim of racial discrimination at work. I had a hearing and lost the case, but was out of work after years at the same place. Attorney Wittorff believed in me and worked with me for years and finally got the hearing judge's decision reversed and I am now on permanent disability. I am grateful that he didn't give up on my case.
T.P. / Springfield

When I was fired, I spoke to Jim Wittorff about my case. I believed I had been wrongfully terminated. In the end, he not only defended my wrongful termination claim, but showed that I was owed worker's compensation as well. I highly recommend him.
M.F. / Milford, MA

When I was a teenager I was a passenger in a friend's car that went off the road. I damaged some teeth and had to have extensive dental work done. Attorney Wittorff tried my case in Worcester Superior Court and a jury awarded me 3 times what the insurance company had offered.
K.C. / Milford, MA